Born and bred in South Africa, Jaco has a passion for wild life, ethical hunting and the outdoors. Being introduced to and active in the hunting arena from a young age has awarded him extensive experience in his field and he is well know and respected among his peers for his professionalism and ethical conduct. Based in Musina in the Limpopo province for the past 22 years, Jaco is an expert in the hunting of big game, operating as a registered Big Game Professional Hunter and Outfitter across all of South Africa and Mozambique.

As an extension of his passion for wild life, conservation also forms a large part of Jaco’s business. He believes that the money that is generated through hunting and tourism offers endless opportunities to further the protection of our wildlife heritage and improve on conservation methods and systems in Africa as a whole and that it is every professional hunter’s responsibility to seek and exploit such opportunities to the best of their ability.