Stuffing and mounting of trophies is the choice of the hunter.  We offer two options namely dip and pack or mounting the trophies.

Transport of Trophies

When trophies have been disinfected and packed they are forwarded to your destination in a wooden case. We use a well known transport company that arranges all paperwork and permits for us. We try to collect many trophies in one shipment thereby keeping costs down for both ourselves and our customers. When trophies arrive at your destination the customer will be invoiced for freight charges + vat. 


• South Africa

Summers range between mid-October and mid-February and the winters are usually between May and July. Our autumns range between mid-February to April and spring ranges between August and mid-October. Musina summers are hot, with temperatures that vary between 34 and 40 degrees Celsius. The winter seasons are comfortably cool during the early mornings and evenings and warm during the day. The winter temperatures vary between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius.

• Mozambique 

Here our safaris are conducted from June to end of November. Temperatures from June - August varies form 10 degrees Celsius to a high 30’s mid day. From September to November the temperatures can reach in the high 40 in mid day.


South Africa’s currency is Rand. Many ATM’s are available throughout South Africa. Mozambique’s currency is Mozambican metical. Major credit cards are widely accepted. 


The attire is casual. We recommend jeans or light trousers. Please make sure that you avoid wearing strong or bright coloured outfits that are easily visible to animals during your hunting trip. We recommend green and camouflage colours.


Our water supply is drinkable but we recommend our guests to use filtered / bottled water.

Medication/Prescription Drugs

Musina - Limpopo Province /Mozambique .

It is declared a Malaria area but we are pleased to inform you that we have never been informed of a single case where any of our guests were infected with this disease. We do not discourage our guests to take Malaria medication, as it has different effects on different individuals. It is important to consult with your personal physician that you will be visiting a Malaria zone. The air conditioning in our rooms is a good aid in keeping the mosquitoes at bay. We also provide you with insect repellent in the rooms.